Today’s Industry being dynamic, it is typically characterized by shorter life cycles and rapidly changing technology. Consumer Products that carry these technology is very well being embraced by end consumer. Added to that market dynamics is continuously evolving with startups and acquisitions. Solution developed from India have twin opportunities of  specifically addressing  Indian trends in Telecom, Smart Cities, Make in India, Industrial Automation   and global adoption of new technologies such as  IOT, Smart Automobiles.

Keeping in lieu of above, industry continuously needs to shorten its development time, offering innovative and differentiating robust products, while at the same time offer customer cost advantage.   Given such a vast domain, hence a need arises for fresh college graduates to have a solid foundation on understanding basic principles and technologies related to Embedded Hardware, Software and System design. Additionally to accommodate rapidly changing marketing scenario, students must be independent developers, self-learners with an aptitude for innovation.

eklakshya is an enterprise that has a vision to cause fundamental shift in vocational education enabling students to become world class professionals.   The founders of eklakshya have been associated with leading VLSI and Embedded MNCs as technologist, have   founded and grown Start Ups to World Class Organization.

College of Engineering, Pune, (COEP) is an established academia of Par excellence creating break through concepts and technology through their Centre of Excellence in Smart  Energy renewable systems and Signals and Image Processing have taken lead in this activity. COEP , who constantly innovates in pursuit of excellence in education through their curriculum design & evaluation processes has consistently created engineers of par excellence.


Working together, these two institutes created this Post Graduate Diploma Program in Embedded Product Design. This thirty Eight week post graduate diploma will focus on laying solid foundation in Analog, Digital, Software and System design principles. These courses have content on these domains as required and have been ratified by industry body. The course emphasizes on Self-Learning, Problem Solving and Innovation and enable in creating World Class Embedded Professionals.

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