Sridhar Chakravarthy ,M.E Computer Science IISc.

Over 20 years of experience as a technologist in Embedded System Software/System Management/Virtualization/Infrastructure Middleware Domain working with leading start of art companies like Texas Instruments/Dell/Open-Clovis.

As a technologist though primarily responsible for designing innovative solution for the customers, I had specific interest in grooming budding technologist and problem solvers. This was done through mentoring, assigning extension projects, drafting joint papers/presentation, open forum discussions, disclosure filing and answering generic technology related questions in various online forums.

To further nurture this interest, I migrated from corporate world to technical teaching/training world. My courses deal with concepts in depth, relate to real world problem and have aspects of self-learning and problem solving. I have successfully conducted courses on Embedded Systems, Software Design, Linux Device drivers in leading Engineering Colleges such as “College of Engineering Pune” , “New horizon Engineering College” and institutes such as NPTEL.

To keep abreast of changing technology is a continuous goal for me. Currently my focus area is around software aspects of Internet of things. In the coming years my focus is going to be on creating world class embedded professionals from India. We will be working with universities, corporate houses to create a program that would enable our goal.

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