ekLakshya is a premier education and training company and has been operating since 2007. We conduct education and training programs in the domains of VLSI and Embedded Systems for Corporates as well as for educational institutions. Our primary goal is to transform the education space through our innovative Holistic Learning methodology. ekLakshya imparts both technical and life skills in all its education and training programs.

ekLakshya currently conducts programs in Hubli, Bangalore, Pune and Mysore. We function primarily from the premises of our institutional partners. Our partners are:

BVB College of Engineering and Technology, Hubli

New Horizon College of Engineering, Bangalore

College of Engineering, Pune

ATME College of Engineering, Mysore


Our programs are unique in every aspect.

Our VISION is to develop world class professionals through our training programs.

At ekLakshya, we intensely focus on each individual to unleash their hidden potential and transform them into highly skilled, industry ready engineers.

We design our training programs to meet the specific needs of the audience, be it Corporate or students.

Each of our faculty is an industry expert. We have a total of 200+ years of industry experience put together. You are assured to learn the best industry practices and the latest technology from our experts.

Our Pedagogy

We follow the “Outcome Based Education” in all our programs. This automatically enables all our education institutional partners to conform to the Washington Accord which is now becoming a necessity for all institutes of higher education in India.

Our intense focus on Problem Solving skills and Self Learning Methodology results in our students being able to confidently enter the industry and achieve strong success to build a glorious career. Every concept is conveyed through “Activity Based Learning” so that retention is very strong. You get to work on real projects so that you can confidently enter the industry.

Class room sessions are held to convey the concepts. But more importantly, for every concept learnt, they need to execute an Activity which reinforces their learning. The activities are fairly involved where they would be required to exhibit analytical skills, team work, comprehension and presentation skills. So it is not learning “by memory” but learning “by doing something – observing – and then internalizing”.

Our unique assessment system is very comprehensive and provides a complete analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the student so that there is focused learning.

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