Corporate Trainings

We conduct custom designed training programs for our Corporate customers. We discuss in depth to understand the real needs of our customers and then craft a program to meet their needs.

 "It was a great experience being in ekLakshya. The training on VLSI started with the vaccum tubes went up­till the 45 nano meter MOSFET . The training dealt with its 5 pillars i.e. self­-learning, technical skills, professionalism, problem solving and Team work. All the 5 aspects which one should have in the corporate world were equally covered so that every emerging candidate grows and improves.The best part in the total training is that we get the opportunity to interact with the industry experts and continuous guidance from our seniors who are working in the customer sites. The accelerated sessions also helped us to look at the problems from a different angle. The training projects gave us a real industry experience. ekLakshya has given its best to get the best out of their trainees."  

Mallikarjun C H


 "Training at ekLakshya is a life changing experience. May it be technical knowledge or the soft skill training, ekLakshya is a pioneer in all aspects. Eagerness to learn and an open mind is all one needs to excel as a trainee here. The design of the course is excellent which incorporates all ingredients to make a successful layout engineer. Along with technical skills every trainee here learns the professional ethics without which there cannot be a smooth career growth. Labs are well equipped and tools used for learning are upgraded. Advanced training is a great experience where we get to learn core analog layout concepts along with automation techniques to reduce repetitive tasks.
Life skills taught at ekLakshya is unique in itself and there are very few companies which emphasizes on these skills. I have personally experienced a change in myself through these life skills and also i have started using them in my day to day life. The team at ekLakshya is dedicated and always there for any assistance one needs. I am lucky that i got an opportunity to be part of such excellent training process. I thank the ekLakshya team who helped me to know my strengths and weakness and take a step ahead in my career."  



 "Technically skilled trainers at ekLakshya motivated me to enhance my practical problem solving skills and gave me a habit of self learning which is going be ever lasted in me and help me all through my career. Life skills which develop our attitude is a well developed model of ekLakshya. Accelerated learning is one of the best programs of ekLakshya. Also motto of Susandhi program is truly point the goal of ekLakshya. Team work of ekLakshya is fabulous which made it successful in enabling knowledge leaders and there by truly it is impacting education and thus society."  

Sistla Aditya Sameer B.Tech.

Sankalp Semiconductor Pvt., Ltd.,

 "These are my views about the ekLakshya Training.
This gave me a different experience about the training, where we get 360 degree learning in Technical,Professionalism,Life Skills,Communication Skills,and more.
ekLakshya taught us the basics of VLSI and make us explore more things by questioning our­self to get detailed knowledge. Training course was set such that we will get knowledge about complete VLSI flow and also includes advanced techniques in this field. Assignments,projects in layout made us to be a best layout designer where at every time we get chance to make mistakes and learnt from it and rectify those mistakes. PLL project which is carried out like customer projects gave us industry experience. Automation techniques we learnt made us to deliver our work on time by increasing our work efficiency.
Communication sessions helps us to point out our strengths and weakness and also learnt how to improve our weakness.its very rare to get a chance to learn life skills in training. ekLakshya gave us that chance to make a difference in me. One more special thing in training was one­ on­ one feedback and feedback from peers, Which helps me to identify hidden strengths in me and also helps to improve my weakness.Its difficult to find many things in same place, but i am very happy that we got ekLakshya.
I thank ekLakshya team for giving me a opportunity to be a part of this training and driving me towards a world ­class Professional in VLSI field."  


Nov 2014

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