Deshpande Educational Trust, Hubli

The Deshpande Educational Trust (DET) was established in 2010 to provide practical skills and impart strong work ethics among students through experiential learning and vocational training. With additional skill based training programs available, the Trust strengthens the local communities’ overall human resource capacity through short and long term job oriented coursework. Such coursework includes formal and vocational training programs including the newly initiated Masters of Social Entrepreneurship course.

The DET is supported by the Deshpande Foundation as it provides the necessary support and connection to NGO partners, enterprises, and other educational institutions to provide skill-based quality education to the youth of North Karnataka. To date, over 427 alumni have graduated and 18 start-up enterprises have been created as DET programs charter a new path for local youth to experience entrepreneurship first hand, imbibing global standards of efficiency and excellence. DET is committed to tackling the social challenges through crowd sourcing innovative ideas and solutions from the best and brightest business school students as it leads social entrepreneurship among prominent Educational Institutions in Northwest Karnataka. The trust seeks to address the grave need for skilled and motivated employees and entrepreneurs in the next generation of community and economic development.

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