Rajiv S Mantri Alumni of COEP Pune 1985 BE (E & T/C), I can briefly describe myself as:

  • Analog and mixed signal hardware expert
  • Passionate Industrial trainer and mentor
  • Technocrat with business focus

First 15 years Mainly as Industrial products and system designer during which I have developed Key Industrial products like ‘Vector Controlled AC Drive’, ‘DC Servo Drives’ and also automated Industrial machines like ‘Sheet Metal Cut to Length Lines’ with the AC / DC drives. I would highlight, ‘Best Product award’ at Elekrama exhibition in all India category for ‘Vector Control Drive’ design.

From 14 years in Texas Instruments Inc. during second segment of my career; I would mention two major responsibilities

  • System Engineering: Responsible to strategic product road map, to architect products, to engage key worldwide customers by demonstrating performance in their applications. In short it is techno-commercial responsibility. Innovative SOC architectures (System On Chip) integrating requirements for industrial data acquisition systems at minimal power and small form factor was a great success in the market. Low power, miniature designs also became enablers for upcoming applications like IOT.
  • Architect cum business owner for Digital X-Ray Analog front end business:
    The devices architected by me integrated Low noise frontend ( Charge to voltage amplifier) and 14 bit ADC, reducing solution size to less than half and consuming only 40% power. This enabled packaging X-Ray camera in form factor of standard film cassette, making retrofit possible on film X-Ray machine.
    • US patent applied for technique to overcome pixel short defects in X-Ray sensor plate increasing the end product yield by ~30%. ( Sensor costs USD 4000)
    • I consider ‘Digital X-Ray Analog Front End’ as greatest achievement of my career as it will help bring the digital X-Ray technology to common man.

After 29 years of service I decided to pursue my dream to bring change in technical education and make it more Industry oriented. Mid 2014, I left TI and joined Eklakshya to work with young engineering students to help them to make Industry ready. I am passionate about embedded hardware design and fascinated by scope of embedded systems in IOT.

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