• Admissions:
    • Qualified candidates will be admitted to the PG Diploma in Embedded System Design after payment of the prescribed fees prevailing at the time of admission. Institute reserves the right to modify the fees on time to time.
      • The intake capacity for PG Diploma would be maximum of 30 students
      • Institute shall also admit a limited number of students from sponsored candidates as per the rule.
      • Institute reserves the right to revoke the admission made to a candidate, if it is found at any time after admission that he/she does not fulfill all the requirements stipulated in the offer of admission.
  • Academic Requirements :
    • A semester load would be as per syllabus structure in force and recommended/modified by the institute from time to time. Each student shall be required to earn a total of 50 credits during his/her studentship at the College.
    • The performance of the students in their course work will be evaluated in terms of letter grades AA, AB, BB, BC, CC, CD, DD and F. These grades are equivalent to following points/ratings on 10 point scale representing quality of performance AA=10, AB=9, BB=8, BC=7, CC=6, CD=5, DD=4, FF=0
    • In case a student does not complete the work of the course and for some genuine reason not able to do the remaining the instructor may send the grade “I” In such cases students may contact the instructor.
    • The assignment of credits to course work shall follow the well accepted practice at leading institutions, with one credit being defined to mean:
      1. Lecture course conducted for one hour per week in a semester;
      2. Tutorial conducted for one hour per week in a semester;
      3. Laboratory/Practical conducted for two/three hours per week in a semester;
      4. Project work conducted for two hours per week in a semester
  • Course Package:
    • The total course package for the Program shall have the following components: • Profession skill Modules • Core subjects • Elective subjects • Project .The medium of instruction for course work and examinations at the College shall be English.
  • Termination from the Program:
    • A student shall be required to leave the College on the following grounds
      • Absence from classes for more than three weeks at a time in a semester without leave of absence being approved by the competent authorities, shall result in the student’s name being struck off the College rolls.
      • Failure to meet the standards of discipline as prescribed by the College from time to time shall also result in the student being recommended by the Students Disciplinary Committee to leave the College.
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