Categories of Students

The institute admits PG Diploma Students under following categories. Financial assistantship is not provided to any of these categories.

  • Regular ( Full Time)
    These are the students who work full time for their PG Diploma in Embedded system Design.
  • Sponsored (Full Time )Students
    A candidate in the category is sponsored by recognized R&D Organization, National Institutes, Government organizations or Industry for doing PG Diploma in Embedded system Design. He/She should have at least two years of working experience in the respective field. Sponsorship letter (Form I) should be attached with the application. During the course if regular students secure a job and wishes to join same, them He/ She will be treated as sponsored candidate and He/She will have to get a letter of sponsorship from employer. He/She would be charged institutional fees as for sponsored candidate.
  • Institute Faculty :
    This category refers to the candidates who are staff of the College of Engineering, Pune, who can attend the classes at the institute while employed. Candidate should be able to attend regular classes as per the schedule of Institute. A No objection certificate from Head of the Department must be enclosed at the time of applying. The candidate would pay regular fees of the institute and no concession in institute fees can be allowed.
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