ekLakshya is founded by a group of visionary engineers who are committed to creating quality engineers in the Electronics System Design industry.

Vivek is the founder and CEO(acting) of ekLakshya.. He also founded Sankalp in 2005 and has led the company as CEO through its start-up phase and transitioned the leadership at the scale-up mode. He enjoys industry thought leadership for his visionary approach, leadership skills and for his Analog-Mixed Signal technology leadership. Vivek’s current responsibility at Sankalp is to focus on leadership development programs and growth of technical talent and to fuel new avenues of growth through new business initiatives organic/ inorganic forms.

His career achievements does also include creating High Tech jobs in Indian Tier-II cities and for structuring one of its kind Merger & Acquisition deal with KPIT Technologies Limited.

Prior to Sankalp Semiconductor, Vivek has held several executive positions at Texas Instruments India and US. He was the General Manager of Broadband Silicon Technology Centre in TI India. Several products developed under his leadership have claimed industry accolades. World’s first integrated DSL that won the EDN Asia award in 1999 and World’s first single chip DSL that won EDN WW Award in 2003 are few examples.

Nagaraj Subramanyam hails from Bangalore and has lived here all through his life.

He has had an excellent academic career – securing 21st rank in S.S.L.C for Karnataka State, securing 9th rank in P.U.C for Karnataka State and 1st rank in BE (over an aggregate of 10 semesters) securing a gold medal from Bangalore University. He pursued a Masters degree program from the prestigious Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. His first job was with CMC Ltd. and was part of the team which automated passenger reservation system for Indian Railways – way back in 1985 – the benefits of which we all enjoy today.

He joined Texas Instruments India in 1985 as one of its founding members and worked there for 24 years.

He opted for voluntary retirement in 2009 to pursue his passion of teaching. He held various positions while at TI and was the General Manager in the ASIC division from 2002 until 2009. He was also the Chairman of the prestigious TI India Technical Council and in this position was responsible for nurturing and promoting technical talent not only just in India but across all of TI Asia. He led several programs to success during his stint at TI in the areas of VLSI CAD and Digital Design.

From 2009 until today he continues to teach as guest faculty at UVCE. He is also co-leading a national level team sponsored by the India Electronics and Semiconductor Association (the premier industry body in the electronics sector) to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country.

He is known as Nagi Subramanyam in the industry circles.

Yesudas Achary is an accomplished industry professional with significant expertise in several aspects of VLSI, notably analog VLSI. He has a rich 13+ experience of working with several MNCs like KarMic, Texas Instruments, Sasken, SmartPlay. He was the first seed member to establish the RLT(Remote Layout Team) at Texas Instruments ,Dallas,Texas for KarMic which is grown in size and business. He has been the winner of "Big Boss 2010" Award in Sasken for Best Manager. He has held several leadership positions during his work tenure and also holds an Executive MBA from IIM Calcutta.

Incidentally, he is also an alumnus of BVBCET ,Hubli and is one of the illustrious sons of Hubli who passed out of BVB college securing a First rank in B.E and an Outstanding Student Award from E&C Department ,BVBCET,Hubli.

Yesudas is a passionate self motivated individual with a keen interest in Teaching. He has a social impact attitude and believes in giving back to the society.He is actively engaged with few NGOs and likes to spend time with Senior citizens in home for the aged. He is driving Susandhi Flag ship Program and CSR activity at ekLakshya with this vigour

Yesudas enjoys gardening,cooking and has a spiritual inclinaton !

Sridhar Chakravarthy ,M.E Computer Science IISc.

Over 20 years of experience as a technologist in Embedded System Software/System Management/Virtualization/Infrastructure Middleware Domain working with leading start of art companies like Texas Instruments/Dell/Open-Clovis.

As a technologist though primarily responsible for designing innovative solution for the customers, I had specific interest in grooming budding technologist and problem solvers. This was done through mentoring, assigning extension projects, drafting joint papers/presentation, open forum discussions, disclosure filing and answering generic technology related questions in various online forums.

To further nurture this interest, I migrated from corporate world to technical teaching/training world. My courses deal with concepts in depth, relate to real world problem and have aspects of self-learning and problem solving. I have successfully conducted courses on Embedded Systems, Software Design, Linux Device drivers in leading Engineering Colleges such as “College of Engineering Pune” , “New horizon Engineering College” and institutes such as NPTEL.

To keep abreast of changing technology is a continuous goal for me. Currently my focus area is around software aspects of Internet of things. In the coming years my focus is going to be on creating world class embedded professionals from India. We will be working with universities, corporate houses to create a program that would enable our goal.

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