I would like to thank “Susandhi sankalp program” which helped me to come into the amazing world called “VLSI” I entered into training given by “ekLakshya”, here I learnt about VLSI concepts in deep, understanding VLSI concepts is not that easy, So to understand the VLSI concepts i need to really have a good knowledge about electronics which I did not have, so “ekLakshya” is the one which provided the excellent training for us to understand the VLSI concepts, “ekLakshya” provided an awesome support and prepared me to work under real projects. So I’m heartily thankful to ekLakshya for giving such a nice training and support.  

Lakshmi Telkar


 This is the best experience which I ever had in my life. The experience was different for the different phase of the training. But I like the apprenticeship training where we learn and earn. Here we earn not only the money but the industrial knowledge as well…!!! This is the different kind of experience which is not available for those students who are not part of this training. So I feel proud to be an ekLakshya trainee  

Daneshwari Kuppasagoudra


 I can say that “SUSANDHI SANKALP” fellowship program is a wonderful gift for me. In this program I have learnt many new and unique things like VLSI concepts, Bhagavad-Gita and practical learning. In this program my interesting thing is practical learning with activities i.e. we learn the things practically by doing the activities so that we experiences the real thing in the depth of the concept. Another interesting thing is self-learning it means that by asking frequent questions we only find the answer for our questions, instead of depending on others to come and answer to our questions or teach that concept. In my small age only I got an opportunity to learn many things from highly experienced and knowledgeable persons. Totally I am enjoying in this program and I am very proud to say that I am a fellow of this program and also very lucky.  

Ashwini S Giddakenchannavar


 I’m proud to be a product of ekLakshya. Currently I’m working for Sankalp Semiconductors. The credit of this should go to ekLakshya. The vision that ekLakshya is aiming at is really inspiring. I feel lucky to get the kind training that ekLakshya is providing for me which aims at perfection through activity and practical learning. The ekLakshya didn’t train me only on technical part; it also trained me on how to lead my life by giving so many activities and inspiring talks. Many of my skills like Communication skills, Fluent English speaking skill, presentation skill, Stage courage etc.., enhanced to unexpected levels exponentially. I’m thankful to ekLakshya for providing me so many resources, for transforming my life and for providing an opportunity to be with ekLakshya and enjoy my career.  

Sharifsab H Nadaf


 I am geeta from sortur DI:-Gadag. I have completed my second PUC in J.T. college gadag.
I am very glad to share my experience about susandhi program.
There is nothing in this world that can compare with the “SUSANDHI SANKALP” program. A special course offers first time in india to give training on embedded systems for talented students who have just completed their pre university course.
I have entered Industrial training given by “Eklakshya”. Eklakshya trained me on technical as well as soft skills.It is a real time industrial experience on embedded system designing and C programing. I got opportunity to learn from highly experienced and knowledgeable persons. In this program I have learn’t Basic electronics, digital electronics, C programming, problem solving skills, and self-learning. In soft skills side I have learn’t IT skills, presentation skills, communication skills, stage courage etc..
Now I am working on hardware team (Testing and characterization of devices) at sankalp semiconductor Bangalore. Currently I am working for texas instruments (client location). I am thankful to eklakshya for giving such a wonderful learnings and opportunities.
While I was in industrial training I have done “call log manager” project. It is designing an application to store and retrieve call log information and contact information. The outcome of this project was huge. We were doing the project with lot of learning and fun. The learning are debugging skills, finding multiple solutions for the problem, Understanding the C programming concepts in depth, Handling with multiple interrupt, double linked list, understanding the startup code sequence.
We were working in groups so in a group we have divided the whole project into 4 parts like command interface, parser, command specific error checks, and business logic. If we assigned one work to a person he should complete that, until and unless he comes up with a solution, nobody will help him/her. Once he/she got the solution then we discussed that in a group and found whether that is correct approach or are they any other methods are there to implement that. So by doing this we have improved our technical skills. I have learn’t time management by completing the given task with in a deadline, and group-coordination.
Finally we have completed the project and we have presented the project in front of the customers. While we were presenting we came to know that, what are the other ways to implement that project by sharing our project with another team. After presentation some of the customers took interview for us. So I would like to say this project is one of the main reason for our growth, because that day only I have given interview for sankalp semiconductors and I have selected. So I would like to say this project is the one of my life turning point.
Thank you for all who have given the opportunity to do this project and supported me to work under real time project. eklakshya is the foundation for all these achievements so I am heartily thankful to eklakshya.  


Nov 2014

 "This is my pleasure to describe about “Susandi sankalp Program”, and learning experience with “ekLakshya.”
That was most memorable day when I came to Hubli for Susandhi sankalp program interview. That interview has changed the way I was looking at my life.
This course made my life more interesting and it filled more curiosity about life. It trained me on self learning , problem solving skill, quick decision making, presentation skills, communication with fluent English. One more important thing is, this course taught me skills required to become world class professionals. Here I liked practical learning , working on real time projects, communicating with customers.
As we say “First experience is the best experience” I also had my first and best experience of doing my first embedded project called “Call log manager”. We have successfully completed this project under the guidance of well experienced lecture.
From this project I learnt to collect and analyse all the requirements of the project in both user and designer’s angle of view. I learnt to implement many software things very quickly and had experience of handling and taking ownership of whole project. It has increased my confidence and knowledge level.
After completion of the project I and my friend Harish Patil and team have presented this project in front of customers with high confidence. We have started with introduction of the project then went through all the requirements given by the customer , features of the project, what are the difficulties we faced. Finally given overview of software code to the customer. Customers were very happy with our presentation. We have taken some awesome feedbacks from them to improve our skills much better.
We got many feedbacks which turned as our stepping stones. We got appreciation from the customer.After this project, we completed another real time project called “Access control system” with the guidance of well experienced mentors.
Access control system project has included more than 4 sensor interface. By this project I learnt how to interface with hardware and writing drivers to hardware, writing software code by layers , integrating all the small codes and testing them. It was totally a nicely organized project.
Once we went to one consultancy company to represent our susandhi team. There they have treated us in a very nice manner. Firstly we got only half an hour to explain about our team, in that meeting hall there were more than 25 employees who are elder than us. We started with our qualifications, what are the course we went through, how it helped to build our confidence level, knowledge level, how one can learn by himself, how unitary method works what is the importance of unitary method, what is the impact of susandi program etc. They enjoyed our speech and extended some more time. In between the speech they have asked lot of questions we answered all the questions with confidence. They appreciated us. Even after knowing we are younger than them also they listened us very carefully that was really nice.
Along with all these experience and guidance of all the expertise now I’m currently working for “LinkEZ Technologies “on real time projects as an embedded design engineer.
After completion of this course I found transformation in my life style. The whole ekLakshya team has supported me to build my career. I am heartily thankful to ekLakshya team."  

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